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Aleeza Jhon is a passionate travel writer who shares her adventures and misadventures exploring new destinations. She left her corporate job in 2019 to pursue her dream of travel writing and hasn't looked back since. Anna writes daily articles for Forgiva to help inspire independent travelers. She covers everything from packing tips to cultural experiences to places going off the beaten track. If her articles make you want to travel more or give you new perspectives, she would love to hear your feedback in the comments!
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The Worst Time to Visit Denmark: Navigating the Dark and Cold Danish Winters

Visiting Denmark, the land of hygge and stunning Nordic scenery, can be

Aleeza Jhon Aleeza Jhon

Worst Time to Visit Washington State

In the awe-inspiring Pacific Northwest, Washington State basks in natural splendor, featuring

Aleeza Jhon Aleeza Jhon