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The revolutionary
password managing technology

Or clone Open Source implementation from Github.

More secure way of password management.

Fixes poor passwords, accessibility and storage problems with highly secure way.

Provides strong protection against keyloggers and various types of malwares.

Resolves major risks against stolen master key situation by certification and visual pattern confirmation


Anti Malware Protection

If you suspect against keyloggers or malware, Forgiva presents a visual confirmation system which leaves less hope for the attackers. And if you get registered, Forgiva uses your registration signature to generate special passwords for you. That means for a successful attack it will require keyboard and monitor access, plus a file system gain too.

Complexity Selection

You can choose complexity level of password generation policy in 3 options.To crack a password with 70 bit entrophy on a MacBook Pro Early 2013 it will take ~6 million years to complete all combinations on Normal complexity. On Intermediate complexity it will take ~24 million years and on Advanced complexity it will take ~280 million years to reach all combinations at minimum.

Integrated Password Renewal

In case you need to change passwords periodically or want to update any time, there is an integrated password renewal mechanism which helps you to move to new passwords without changing the original master password. You can specify any date and/or custom info to push into renewal process. There is no mandatory regulation on that.

SCrypt and Argon2 support

For the paranoids there are also support with the popular key derivation algorithms. You may choose any one of them or both to strengthen your password generation.

For more information please refer here and here

Certificated Passwords

If you get registrated, there is an option for you to switch into personalized version of Forgiva which creates passwords tied to certificate signature. That means even if your master key and account metadatas are stolen, there is no way to regenerate your passwords by using any other instances of Forgiva.

Cross Platform

Forgiva is available on all popular desktop and server platforms such as OS X, Windows , Linuxes and BSDs. One license is all you need to use Forgiva on every computer you own.